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Why Consider Applying to Black Tiger?


  • If you are looking for small groups, and focused individual training in a safe, professional environment, then you should consider applying for membership at our Academy.  If you do, AND IF WE HAVE A SPOT OPEN, you’ll sit down with one of our instructors and discuss your self defense and fitness goals.  Training is designed to safely build your cardio, strength, and muscle memory, without suffering serious injuries common at other martial arts gyms.

  • We keep our Academy small for a reason... we want to know our students and create a family atmosphere where people get the BEST instruction in all aspects of martial arts training.  We train hard but we train smart, and train safe!  We want our people to train throughout their lifetimes, as a way of life, and that can’t happen if they are constantly injured.  

  • Our Chief Instructor, known as Coach or Professor, has been a corner man, cut man, trainer, and sparring partner for several Muay Thai Kickboxing Champions that came out of the Black Tiger Gym in San Diego and has also trained Golden Glove Boxing Champions.  He has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing since the early 90’s, and spent almost 10 years in the US Navy as a Corpsman.  Most of his military time was spent serving as a Corpsman with the US Marines and he’s had the privilege of training many different military units in both the Navy and Marines, including various special forces teams, in Hand to Hand Combat.  From his military time, he brings a wealth of knowledge regarding combat medicine and tactics.  His other military contacts also benefit our members.  His military buddy, Richard Thomas, a full Black Tiger Instructor, had a post military career as a Police Trainer of S.W.A.T. Teams, DEA, and other agencies and serves as our primary tactics trainer.

  • To sum it up, what you need to understand that there are few places in the world where you can get world class instruction in a small setting, covering every aspect of melee combat with and without weapons.  Jokingly, we refer to our Academy as training for the Zombie Apocalypse.  While that won’t happen, if it did, you’d be ready if you trained with us.  We have two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts (Under the Pedro Sauer Association), Muay Thai Kru’s certified out of the Kaewsamrit Gym in Bangkok Thailand, Fencing Experts that will train you in a variety of swords, knives, sticks, axes, and military trained, combat experienced tactics instructors.